Jan 6, 2011

2011 Resolution

- Maintain GPA 3.0 above in every semester.
- Get my driving license.
- Be a good child
- Read Daily Life
- Start out my 1st working small project.

Degree just started.
getting harder and harder. lecturer also start to more strict and serious to us.(mou min bei)
have to earn 37 credits =.= SIAO!

tell yourself be happy when doing any assignments!

Dec 29, 2010

I want to thank her for letting me experience true love because she did a lot for me and to let the whole world know that how much she love me,care of me,sek me in the past. she don't love me may be because that i'm still not good enough. I really can't forget her T.T I'm still love her very much and no matter how hard I will try, I will carry her inside my heart untill the day I die because I want to be with her again but I know its impossible. T.T

missing the way she smile to me.

Nov 15, 2010

End Semester Examination

27/11: Pengajian Malaysia
1/12: ID Assessment
2/12: Presentation Technique, History of ID
3/12: Environmental Science
4/12: Building Construction

hopefully that pengajian malaysia,environmental science & building construction can get a credit ba. hard subjects!

Nov 8, 2010

A Great Leader

1. Good communication skill
Communication is the key to be a great leader. The reason for this is simple: if he possesses the other nine leadership qualities but if he fails to communicate well, he will never be great leader.

What he can do is communicate with others in the organization about what IT can do to move the company forward. In other words, good communication is the key for developing good business relationships. If he can’t establish a good business working relationship, he is not going to be that leader, that team player. He will not be able to communicate how IT can add long-term value to the company. The modern leaders must therefore be equipped with good communication skill and use new ways to do effective communication.

2. Honesty
The most valuable asset of a leader is honesty. He must be honest with both his employees and the management committee. Another part of his features is integrity. Once a leader compromises his or her integrity, it is lost. That is perhaps the reason integrity is considered the most admirable trait. The leaders therefore must keep it "above all else."

3. Visionary outlook
Leadership qualities are different for different position. For a CIO he must be thinking for stabilizing the current business and always looking for future scope of expansion. He has to be able to look beyond where we are today, know where the business is going, and be able to use that vision to move the company forward. Being able to do this is a rare skill indeed.

4. Selecting a good team
A good CIO although he possesses sound technical skills he assures that the team he selects is efficient enough to back up any skill he lacks. Choosing the best people for such team is a skill. A CIO after all is a human being and does not have answer for everything. But by working together he creates an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect; the team then always find the best solution.

5.Action speaks louder than words
Managers must be able to put aside their concerns to listen to (and appear to listen to) those around them. As a result, they come know what is going on, and know what is both said, and said between the lines. They have the knack of appearing to know what people need even if those needs are not expressed directly. However, knowing what is going on, and identifying the needs of those around them is not sufficient. The responsive manager also acts upon that knowledge, attempting to help fulfill the needs of employees, superiors, etc. Responsive managers wield influence to solve problems for those around them, often before even being asked.

6. Ability to motivate people around
A good leader must always keep motivating his team mates for good work and should maintain healthy environment. He must give first priority to safety of workers and see that they are not exploited by superiors.

7. Consistency
Leadership effectiveness is impossible without consistency. Every leader has an approach that is unique to them. Don't change your personal style radically after all; it got you in a leadership position. Modify the rough spots but take care not to confound your staff by displaying inconsistency. Your expectations, though subject to modification based on ever-changing business needs, should remain as constant as possible. The business world is confusing enough without you adding unwelcome surprises into the mix. Keep things simple and consistent.

8. Ability to stand against critics
As the success rate increases your critics multiply and become louder. Come to peace with the fact that you will always have a camp of people who critique every decision you make. They are generally the ones who are excellent problem-identifiers rather than problem-solvers. Develop your skills of repelling such critics so that they do not diminish your confidence or enthusiasm.

Apr 26, 2009

Loving others =)
3 important things

Dear Frens,don't just talk bout love..put ur love into action.Thn it will truly b love.Dat's how v knw dat v hold to the truth.

Love must b honest n true..Love each other deeply..Honor others more thn urself..
It take Patience....
If u plant a daisy seed,wil a daisy quickly pop up fr the ground??O.o No!!!! A daisy takes a long time to grow..
1st,the seed grows beneath the soil.Thn a tiny plant appears.It takes weeks to grow..Thn a flower bud forms.Dats too must grow..finally,it wil open..
Lots of small wonders happen under the ground n inside the plant.U can't see them all.u wil finally see a daisy.But u must wait calmly n u must b patience..
U must wait calmly for God,too.If u ask him sumthing,u may think dat he wil never ans but he wil,at the right time!!
U can't watch an ans grow.God makes changes dat u can't see.He works in ppl's hearts..he makes small wonders happen..
God wil ans at the right time=) U wil see his ans n u wil feel his LOVE^^
God wil ans..wait calmly n patiently.RMB UR DAISY....

Apr 19, 2009

Enrolment Service 12.4.2009 =)
NCO'S of 1st Kajang Company ^^